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SCR DV Series(Variable Speed)

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SCR DV Series(Variable Speed)


According to real air consumption, adjust the speed of compressor to match real air consumption, so that save energy loss at unloading process. Pressure variation range is ±0.01 MPa to save energy due to pressure increasing process. High efficiency vector control technology, reduce vibration of compressor, and decrease noise.

Displayed in PLC-directly understand the energy saving:
Frequency (Hz) <> Power (kW) <> Voltage <> Motor RPM <> Motor Current <> Running Hours

A Bigger Inverter

SCR VSD compressor adopt vector control technology, so that in a wide rotating range and under the condition of lease rising temp. Of motor, the proper torque can be obtained to drive the compressor to run steadily.

Vector control technology makes the two vectors excitation and torque included in the stator current separate. Therefore the two vectors can be controlled separately, then synthesized and converted to control signals of variable speed parameters in order to have efficient control of electromagnetic.

In this way, even if in low speed, the motor can be operated under the low temp.. This high efficient converting technology suppresses the unavoidable noise and harmful harmonic wave of normal VSD Compressor to the lowest level. New special vector variable speed control can convert DC into AC, which improves the ability of resisting to high temp. And have high converting efficiency to save consumption.

Variable Speed Driven Dedicated Motor

The dedicated motor is specially designed for wide rotating speed adjustment. This optimization ensures the motor to provide proper torque in the whole speed range. Design optimization of Stator and rotor decrease the heating and the damage to motor insulation. Specially designed cooling fan ensure the temp. Rise of motor even it is at low speed.


  1. The models of more than 75 hp (included) have other relevant coolers.
  2. When purchasing, please add “W” after the model number. For example, SCR75DWV-7
  3. The outline and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. Available electric power V = 380 V / 400 V / 440 V / 460 V, Frequency = 50 / 60 Hz, CE or UL
  5. Water separator is standard for 125 hp UP.

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